Site owner? Here’s a few tips for you


Site owner? Here’s a few tips for you


1 Have you tried speaking to press and bloggers about your product? They can be a great source of referral traffic when they publish a post or article with a link.

2 Ask your fans, clients or business partners to put a link to your site on theirs.

3 Register your website in relevant directories and listings.

4 Look at the main referrals of your competitors to get some ideas of websites you could be engaging with.


1 Make your site SEO-friendly to make sure its indexed by search engines. Keep your website structure simple, clean and coherent for crawlers to index and rank pages.

2 Think about the keywords you’d like to rank for and use them throughout your site, including content, titles and META tags.

3 To choose the right keywords, simply put yourself in your target user’s shoes and think of what you’d type if you were looking for your product.


1 Choose your social networks carefully. There are many options and you can find the Top 100 Social Networks in your Country.

2 Facebook and Twitter are very popular networks but if you can look for alternatives that might be more relevant to your content (e.g. LinkedIn might be more effective for professional services).

3 If you don’t have your own social pages you can still make sure your site content is shared across social networks by adding social buttons on your site.

4 Work hard and be patient: unless you’re a celebrity, it will take time for your social networks to grow. Make sure you invest time and effort keeping it up to date with exciting news and content.

Audience Interests

1 Try researching bigger competitors so you can find out what your potential audience is interested in.

2 Also, when looking at bigger competitors, you will get some ideas about other websites visited you might be able to partner with.

3 Finally, get some keywords ideas by looking at the tags in the minds of your competitors audiences.

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