How to configure CSS Styles

How to configure CSS Styles Real Performance BenignSource

if your CSS file loaded image.

open it in Appearance / Editor / style.css

{background: url(‘../img/loader-carousel.gif’);}

and make it look like this:

{background: url(‘’);}

if your theme used font-awesome

open it in Appearance / Editor / font-awesome.css
find and add all the way to the folder fonts

font-family: ‘FontAwesome’;
src: url(‘../fonts/fontawesome-webfont.eot?v=4.6.3’);

and make it look like this:

src: url(‘′);

with this you are ready for the next step

Setting the styles


There are 5 fields for theme CSS and 3 for custom CSS

YourTheme/style.css is taken into default, do not enter.

so you’ll see your theme in the field YourTheme/ if there is a folder CSS write css/yourstyle.css

so you’ll see the field YourWebsite/ if there is a custom folder write custom/css/yourstyle.css

after entering the styles press save.
Now all styles are in one file which is optimized and compressed!

Disable theme styles and Enable


Once you have entered all the styles you can Disable the styles that your theme calls by default.


you can always Enable if something is wrong!

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